Article Findings – Recent Advances in the Understanding and Management of Erectile Dysfunction

This article by Krzastek et al (2019) provides great insights into Erectile Dysfunction for men. Statistics on the prevalence of ED today is noted; “regular and chronic ED increases with age from ~35% of men aged 60 to ~50% of men older than 70 being affected”. These are staggering statistics considering it is a taboo topic and men are often embarrassed to discuss this issue as they feel like less of man. This can be supported by the statistic from Shosay et al. “Australian men aged 40 years or older, only 30% of men with moderate-to-severe erectile dysfunction discussed their problem with a health professional” and “a delay often occurs between the onset of symptoms and attendance in the primary care setting, with a mean time of 1.0–3.5 years” (Smith et al 2010).

Men should not be ashamed of Erectile Dysfunction, it is a common issue many men experience with varying degrees. It has a serious impact on not only their quality of life but “also their partner’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being”. The issue should not be left for too long as it can worsen the effects both physically and psychologically. New treatments are available to treat all levels of erectile dysfunction.

It is important to firstly highlight why you may be experiencing erectile Dysfunction problems. The many risk factors are highlighted by Krzastek et al (2019) and they include, “age, coronary artery disease, obesity, smoking, depression, hypertension, prior pelvic surgery, and spinal cord injuries as well as other psychological variables”. These are all discussed in details with a specialist to educate patients and also determine what risk factors are affecting you.

“Treatment options include lifestyle changes, oral medications, penile injections, and surgically implantable penile prostheses as well as more novel approaches such as belted external penile prostheses“. EDSA offers these treatment pathways for patients and also guides patients to find healthier lifestyle choice as “improvements in lifestyle and the proper management of medical comorbidities are arguably the most beneficial and safest treatment”.

First line treatment for treating Erectile Dysfunction is oral medications that EDSA offers to patient suffering with mild erectile dysfunction. “These medications inhibit PDE5, which keeps the level of cGMP high and promotes erections. The most well-known of these PDE5 inhibitors is sildenafil”. The EDSA lozenenges available have a combination of ingredients to give a more rapid response to men once taken. Rather than 30-60min activation, EDSA lozenges can have a more rapid reaction in 15-30mins. Patients also need sexual stimulation to increase the effects.

Second line treatment involves the injection of erectile medication directly into the penis, known as intracavernosal injections. Various formulations for injections are available with varying degrees of strength. EDSA has tailor made formulations for injection therapy and the formulation is carefully chosen depending on each patients severity of ED.

Another option for men is Vaccum erection devices. This “is a device that is placed over the penis and pumped to create a vacuum, which pulls blood into the penis to cause engorgement and erection. A band is then placed around the base of the penis to maintain the erection”. This is a less discreet way for men although can be effective with oral medication and also men who have undergone a robotic radical prostatectomy to get a more rapid and effective erection.

The final option for men involves a more invasive approach with the insertion of a penile prosthesis. “Currently, patients who have undergone placement of a penile prosthesis report the highest satisfaction rate compared to patients who have received oral medications or ICI” (intracavernosal injections). EDSA uses the inflatable device option for patients that consists of three components inserted surgically into the patient. “To induce an erection, the patient squeezes the pump within the scrotum, which pulls fluid from the reservoir to inflate the penile cylinders. To return to the flaccid state, the patient pushes a button on the pump and the fluid leaves the cylinders and returns to the reservoir. The inflatable device results in a more physiologic-appearing erection”.

Men now have an array of options they can try to assist with their erectile dysfunction. Consult with your doctor about any concerns you have and know that there is help available. EDSA provides you with access to buy erectile dysfunction medication online. Enquire now and don’t let erectile dysfunction take over your life any longer.

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