Erectile dysfunction Treatment Options

You shouldn’t have to live with the struggle of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). We understand men and the impact impotence or erectile dysfunction is having on relationships and everyday life.

Many men are not provided with all the options and best solutions to treat the problem, but EDSAustralia has conducted extensive research in finding the best and safest treatments available to ensure men are provided all options to treat their erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a very common and under-discussed problem but our treatment options can help you regain your quality of life and help you overcome the anxieties you may have been feeling as a result of your Erectile Dysfunction.


RAPID acting Lozenges

RAPID is an oral administration lozenge containing a combination of ingredients  for a more effective treatment of mild ED. This non-invasive option is commonly used for first stage of treatment.


Hidden Needle Injection Therapy

Hidden Needles provide an effective therapy for men with erectile dysfunction who cannot take oral agents or for whom oral agents are not effective.

This device conceals the syringe and needle and enables effective drug delivery at a touch of a button. The needle is hidden from your view making the product suitable for patients with needle phobia and those wishing to have a more comfortable injection technique.

The advantage of injection therapy is that it does not depend on oral absorption, as pills do, and does not depend on absorption through the tissues.

Either needle injectable or a more comfortable option of hidden needle is available from EDSAustralia


Penile Prosthesis

For men who have erectile dysfunction resistant to oral medications and injection therapy, Penile Prosthesis allows a permanent solution to this debilitating and often psychologically distressing condition. Studies indicate 93.8% of men were moderately or completely satisfied with their penile prosthesis choice. EDSA implants both major types of penile prosthesis, offering the "no touch technique" pioneered by Francois Eid which reduces the incidence of peri-prosthetic infection. The choice of implant is primarily dependant on each patient’s anatomy.

EDSAustralia offers this specialist treatment for men and takes all the necessary steps to ensure your journey to regaining your erectile function is as comfortable as possible.

We offer this procedure on the Gold Coast and are happy to discuss this further with you. Please call us on 1300 ERECTION to book in your consultation with us and take your first step in regaining your confidence back in the bedroom.

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