Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Offered by EDSAustralia and their Benefits

Erectile Dysfunction treatments for men have differing benefits and side effect profiles. In this article we will provide more information on the ED treatments available and insight into what may be the best erectile dysfunction treatment for your level of ED.

As previously mentioned, the risk of developing ED is age related, occurring in approximately 26% of men aged 50–59 years, and approximately 40% of men aged 60–69 years. At EDSAustralia, we have customers who fall below these age groups due to varying risk factors that can affect men at any age. Some of the risk factors associated with ED are highlighted below:

Risk Factors

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Prostate surgery
  • Obesity
  • Peyronies
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Smoking and alcohol
  • Pelvic trauma
  • Medical conditions

Many men are reluctant to bring the conversation up – In a telephone survey of 5990 Australian men aged 40 years or older, only 30% of men with moderate-to-severe erectile dysfunction discussed their problem with a health professional. We realise that it is important for men to have access to more information about erectile dysfunction treatment and this is why we have developed EDSA for both educational purposes and purchase access to ED treatment.

Many men use oral lozenges for first stage erectile dysfunction medication. This is a good first step and we recommend having a discussion with a medical professional to ensure the oral medication is suitable. They must be prescribe by a medical professional to ensure you are using safe and effective products. Here at EDSA, we have a strong lozenges which contain a combination of active ingredients for a rapid response. The benefits of lozenges include; they are readily available to take anywhere, you do not require any injections or pain upon taking them and they activate quickly. Lozenges are definitely suggested for those with low-mild erectile dysfunction.

What is the next stage of erectile dysfunction treatment if lozenges are not working for me? Men commonly ask this question. This step firstly involves a consultation with a specialist to ensure the treatment is suitable for you and you have correctly tried the first stage of treatment with limited success. The reason we want you to have tried lozenges is for a few reasons. One, no one likes needles so if you are able to find an effective treatment without needles we always will try lozenges first. Secondly, your body becomes susceptible to injections and therefore overtime becomes dependant on them so we want to ensure we have tried all avenues before embarking on injection therapy.

Intracavernosal injections for erectile dysfunction treatment does not depend on oral absorption as pills do but rather direct injection into the side of the penis to produce an erection. The medication dilates the arteries of the penis and allows blood to flow in. An erection occurs anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes after injection. A patient must learn to perform a penile self-injection each time he wishes to engage in sexual activity. The erection will last 30 minutes to an hour or up to orgasm. The medication dose for each individual is tailored to the erectile response to the first injection and we dose escalate over the phone to ensure customers are achieving their desired response. Men will be come more experienced in time with injecting and get used to the needle sensation over time.

The advantages of injection therapy:

  • No procedure
  • Tailored medication
  • Available in hidden needle device (men who dislike needdles)
  • Quick response

But what if injections are not working for me?

The final option for men who have had unsuccessful erectile dysfunction treatment with lozenges or injection therapy is a penile prosthesis. This entails a hospital stay as you will have the implantation of a device into the penis that will allow for a permanent solution to your erectile dysfunction. The patient will have pre and post operative appointments with us to ensure they are made fully aware of what the procedure entails and also post procedure, learn how to activate the device to have and maintain and erection.

Advantages of Penile prosthesis:

  • Immediate result
  • Cost-effective
  • Long lasting result
  • Permanent solution

The device is activated with a pump located in the scrotum that triggers the cylinder in the penis to achieve an erection and is simply released when required. Here at EDSAustralia we ensure patients are made aware of all the pre and post-operative instructions to ensure effective treatment.