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The Erectile Dysfunction Medications available by EDSAustralia to regain your confidence back in the bedroom.

EDSAustralia provides customers with access to tailored Erectile Dysfunction medication to suit their level of impotence.  You shouldn’t have to live with the struggle of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). We understand men and the impact impotence of erectile dysfunction is having on relationships and everyday life. This common and growing problem facing men causes physical and emotional distress in at least 1 in 5 men over the age of 40 years. The risk of developing ED is age related, occurring in approximately 26% of men aged 50–59 years, and approximately 40% of men aged 60–69 years. 


Buy Erectile Dysfunction Medication Online

Many men avoid seeking help for their erectile dysfunction due to fear of embarrassment. EDSAustralia has been developed to provide men with a discreet and simple process to buy erectile dysfunction medication online from a trained and leading Australian Urologist rather than offshore providers. 


Types of Erectile Dysfunction Medication EDSA offers:

First stage treatment for erectile dysfunction is an oral administrative lozenge. The lozenge contains a combination of medications for a more effective treatment of mild ED. The success rate of PDE-5 inhibitors is dependent upon the aetiology of the ED and can range from approximately 43–89%. A poorer response to PDE-5 inhibitors is seen in the context of adverse factors such as following prostate surgery (43%), diabetes with neuropathy (50%) and peripheral vascular disease (63%). A better response is seen in an otherwise healthy male whose ED is secondary to depression (89%), neurological disease (85%) and smoking (80%). 

Erectile dysfunction medication available for men who find lozenges ineffective is injection therapy. This is second stage treatment and involves injecting the penis with a needle of active liquid medication. We offer Needles or Hidden Needle devices as a more comfortable option. Depending on the patient’s severity of ED. The erectile dysfunction medication is tailored to each patient to ensure strong performance and also doesn't require absorption into the skin. 

The final frontier, also known as third stage treatment for erectile dysfunction is a Penile Prosthesis. Penile Prosthesis allows a permanent solution with the insertion of implants to obtain an erection with spontaneity. Satisfaction with this device is approximately 90% and device durability at 10 years is 75%. Complications include corporal/ urethral erosion (1–11%), infection (0.68–1.06%) and mechanical failure (0.8–10.3%). In a man comfortable with having an implant, they are well tolerated. 

There is a range of erectile dysfunction medication available, the first step is to acknowledge the issue and talk about it. Erectile dysfunction medication allows men to regain their confidence back in the bedroom and rebuild their relationship. EDSAustralia aims to provide you with leading and expert advice from a trained Australian surgeon. You can be assured that if you buy erectile dysfunction medication with us you will see results. 


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