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What Ed Cures and Impotence treatments are right for me?

There are many products targeted towards men with erectile dysfunction but knowing what the most suitable treatment option is for you Erectile Dysfunction level is important. Also ensuring that you are buying quality local products rather than offshore products that ca be unsafe is always recommended as some Erectile medications can have severe adverse effects and can impact on your performance in the bedroom negatively.

Extensive information about ED cures is available online but it is important to understand the reasons why you may be suffering from ED in the first instance. Some of the risk factors associated with Erectile Dysfunction include:

Cardiovascular disease
Diabetes mellitus
Prostate surgery
Pelvic trauma
Pelvic radiotherapy
Penile abnormalities (eg. Peyronies disease)
Sleep apnoea
Spinal cord trauma
Medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis

(Smith I, McLeod N & Rashid P, 2010, ‘Erectile Dysfunction When tablets don’t work’, Australian Family Physician, Vol 39, No. 5, pp301-305).

We recommended seeking assistance from your General Practitioner if you are struggling to understand what may be causing your ED issues and your GP may provide you with various tests to see if there are any underlying testosterone and/or hormonal imbalances contributing to the issue. It is noted “a delay often occurs between the onset of symptoms and attendance in the primary care setting, with a mean time of 1.0–3.5 years” (Smith I, McLeod N & Rashid P 2010).

Many men avoid seeking help due to fear of embarrassment and as a result leads to loss of intimacy and overall a negative impact on quality of life. ED cures are available for all levels of ED and EDSA recommends firstly educating yourself and understanding the reasons as to why you may be experiencing this to begin your journey towards a healthier sex life. We have men visit us with their partners which is a great step in both working together to find a solution and understand the process involved for ED cures.

The ED cures which EDSA can offer you are tailored to the varying degrees of Erectile dysfunction and are designed specifically for you.

EDSA offers the permanent solution for your erectile dysfunction with implantation of a penile prosthesis. EDSA has performed many these procedures with great outcomes for men. Due to the higher risk of this option we require patient to come in and see us to ensure you are a suitable candidate and conduct a thorough medical history check.

Finding ED cures involves educating yourself by seeking professional information rather than rushing into buying offshore products that can have serious adverse effects. Don’t let ED take over your life and impact on your relationship. There are options to help you no matter was level of Erectile dysfunction you’re suffering with. Call us and find out more.

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